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We know you have many question. The best way to get the most thurough answers is to contact us directly.
Below is a sample of question business owners often pose to us:


Q.What commitment to the business do you require from transitioning owners?


Although we work with transitioning owners, we remain flexible as to how we define a transition. In some cases, an owner's personal situation requires that he materially decrease his day-to-day involvement with the business, opting to remain in a limited consulting capacity or not at all.  In other cases, an owner wishes to remain involved with the business, but in a role dedicated to single aspect of the business. Whatever the situation, we will work with the owner to structure a transaction that fits the specific situation.


Q.What is GECP's involvement after the acquisition?


The thesis for GECP's creation was a hands-on partnership between the GECP team and the employees of any business we acquire. We, therefore, commit to becoming a permanent, on-site, day-to-day contributor to the growth of the business. We will take a leadership role in the organization and work with the company's employees to execute on the strategy we develop in partnership with the company's transitioning owners.  To learn more about our approach to operations please review Our Approach to Value Creation.


Q.What will happen to my employees?


The security and success of one's employees is of primary concern to any successful business owner. At GECP, we treat our team with respect and expect everyone to operate under the same Core Principles. Because the preservation and success of your employees is of high importance to us, we have developed a dedicated section For Employees where your employees can get to know GECP and our approach to a working partnership.


Q.How long do you intend to own the business?


A partnership with GECP is a long-term commitment between us and your employees to transform an already exciting business into the world class one you aspire it to be. That process cannot be completed over a short timeframe. Therefore, we expect to be involved with the business over the foreseeable future.


Q.What does a transaction look like with GECP?


Members of GECP have been both buyers and sellers of various successful businesses. With that experience in mind, we realize that a transaction can be both a daunting and consuming proposition. To ease your concerns and provide you with color on a standard transaction process with GECP, please visit our Standard Transaction Process section.

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