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We will invest in your development

We are strong believers in the continuous development and growth of our employees. We actively bring in outside educators to provide a different perspective on sales and operational effectiveness, and enact programs for employees to share best practices.

We will solicit your opinion and integrate it into the business strategy

We do not show up with a pre-conceived plan for any business. Instead, we pursue a collaborative approach with the people who have made the business the success it is today.  As a group, we develop a plan that makes sense for everyone and then revisit the plan together at regular intervals.

We will be in the trenches with you every day, developing a world-class business

We created GECP because we have a heightened appreciation for the value one can create with his or her own hands. As partners, we will be present daily, taking ownership of key tasks and providing you with better resources for you to better execute yours.

We will be transparent, candid, and honest partners

Read our core principles, and you will realize that we are straight forward communicators that prioritize action and ownership of responsibility over embellished language. As partners, we remain humble and treat each other with great respect. You should expect nothing less from us.

Employees are the heart of an organization. We are here to make sure they thrive in a safe and rewarding environment.


Inevitably, an owner's announcement of a partnership with GECP brings with it a flurry of concerned employees visiting our website in an effort to understand the impact on their and their family's future.


To alleviate their concerns, we have created a dedicated page where employees can familiarize themselves with our operating approach and where we can make the following promises to our future co-workers:

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