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Initial dialogue with owner completed and non-disclosure executed

• Follow-up discussion to better understand owner's needs and sensitivities

• High level financials discussed / reviewed

• GECP provides guidance on value

(Step 1)
Initial Discussion
1 - 2 Weeks
(Step 2)
Initial Diligence
2 - 3 Weeks

• Owner and GECP representatives continue dialogue

• Diligence team dives into company's strategy and financial information

Additional diligence resources retained by GECP, if applicable

GECP completes several days of site visits, if relevant

GECP confirms its understanding of owner's desires and sensitivities

• GECP representatives present owner with detailed offer

Subsequent meetings, if needed, completed to clarify aspects of offer

Letter also provides details on areas of focus for step 4 diligence

(Step 3)
Letter of Intent
1 Weeks

• Owner enters into exclusivity period with GECP

• Diligence team confirms its understanding of all aspects of the business

Owner's role, if any desired, discussed at length

• GECP reaffirms its stated purchase price and moves to close

(Step 4)
Final Diligence
5 - 8 Weeks

• Legal counsel reviews all aspect of agreement and readies for signatures

• Owner and GECP execute agreement

Funds transferred to owner's account

Owner and GECP make joint presentation to company employees

• Transition plan finalized for business

(Step 5)
Close Purchase
3 - 4 Weeks

Once a transaction has been completed, GECP, the former owner, and the business' managers begin developing an operational growth plan.  For more information on our approach to this process, please refer to Our Approach To Value Creation.

Having been in your shoes before, we know the dos and don'ts of the transaction process and strive for expeditious completion

Members of GECP have been both buyers and sellers of various successful businesses. With that experience in mind, we realize that a transaction can be both a daunting and consuming proposition if not completed with a seasoned buyer.


As a result, we execute a quick and transparent process leveraging both our due diligence and legal resources to expedite the process along each step. Below please find a snapshot of what you can expect from our process.

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