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Dear Business Owner:


We congratulate you on having the steadfast resolve and iron stomach to pursue the greatest opportunity this country can afford you: creating a successful business through one's own vision, perseverance, and sacrifice.  My colleagues and I know only too well the road that you and your family have traveled. As children of entrepreneurs and tested entrepreneurs and operators in our own right, we have all witnessed the evolution of something as small as an idea on a blank sheet of paper into a cohesive enterprise with valuable employees and satisfied customers. The journey is often difficult, but none of us would choose to live life any other way.


If you are reading this, you may now be wrestling with the decision that will usher in the next stage of your businesses' development: the passing of the baton to the next generation of owners and operators. We have been in your shoes before, and we understand how complicated the decision is.  Will doing so be the best thing for my family? What will happen to my employees? What will happen with my life's work? The purpose of this letter is not to answer these and other questions you undoubtable have, but to tell you that they are the right questions to ask and that we are here to begin that conversation with you.


We formed GECP because we realized that many of our fellow entrepreneurs and business owners had few options when it came time to choose a buyer that would treat their company and employees not as commodities, but as someone's life's work. We pooled our capital with that of other high net worth individuals and families to create a highly-personalized investment group that leverages our collective knowledge and entrepreneurial vigor to transform successful enterprises into the world-class ones their founders aspire them to be.


It is with great excitement that we begin this conversation with you. Our goal is not to convince you that a sale is the right decision. Instead we hope you will allow us the privilege of learning more about you and your business, laying the groundwork for a partnership to develop naturally. Until then, please take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with our core principles, our operating methodology, our transaction process, and our team.  Once again, we congratulate you on your achievements and look forward to speaking with you.





Alex A. Makhotin

Partner, GECP

Alex A. Makhotin, Partner

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