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Alex A. Makhotin
Cofounder and Partner


Alex is the cofounder and partner at GECP, LLC, a direct investment fund with the stated goal of developing world class organizations through hands-on operations. He has dedicated his entire life to working with entrepreneurs, having been involved with several successful family businesses. Alex began his career in investment banking, advising families and entrepreneurs in the sale of their businesses. He also spent nearly half a decade in lower middle market private equity with family offices and traditional buyout funds identifying and growing successful businesses across the US. More.

Parker J. Woodson


Parker joined GECP in early 2015 as an Associate focused on sourcing and evaluating investment opportunities. Parker graduated with honors from Baylor University with a B.A. in Finance.  He was a four year recipient of the President’s Gold Scholarship and was a part of the University's lacrosse team. 

Cofounder / MD @ Madison Dearborn


Partner @ Prairie Capital


Managing Partner @ Argo Management

Partner @ SF Partners

Managing Partner @ Kinderhook

President @ GARB Holdings, LLC

Russel Reynolds Associates Midwest

Pres. / CEO (Ret.) @ DPL Inc.

MD @ Wells Fargo Securities

Internet Entrepreneur

Founding Partner @ Quadriga

Managing Partner @ Intrinsic

Founder / GP @ Ulta Communications

CEO / Founder @ NIP Group

Partner @ Fidus Investment Corp.

A diverse group with one goal in mind: growth.


Our group has a robust background in middle market businesses as entrepreneurs, operators, investors, and board members.



Main: (847) 457-1214

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