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Regardless of the level of involvement a transitioning owner retains with a business, employees undoubtedly feel a void left within their organization. To lessen the impact, we commit to becoming a permanent fixture within the business and engaging the employees in dialogue to ease concerns.


We work, on-site, with transitioning owners to develop a strategy, and then take responsibility for the daily execution of that strategy. We also communicate with employees to provide transparency about the business' future, the employees' role in that future, and to solicit their opinions.

A good plan's brilliance is in its simplicity. 


As a founder, owner, and entrepreneur, you have achieved the difficult task of creating something out of nothing. To have gotten here, you've weathered storms, devised strategies, mentored employees, and fostered strong relationships with customers.  It is at the culmination of your efforts that our work begins.


At GECP, we do not walk in with a new plan and a we-know-it-best attitude. Instead, we listen, we observe, and we inquire.  In time, we pose two questions: Where would you like this business to go; and what's needed to get it there? Your responses form the basis of our plan.  We then focus on the following areas:


Whether it is the consolidation of disparate technology systems, the build out of technology infrastructure, the execution on six sigma, LEAN or other operating performance improvement initiatives, we have extensive experience in developing robust infrastructure to power business growth.


We do not drive value through cost cuts and leverage.  Rather we allocate resources to crafting effective sales strategies, developing seasoned sales staff, and incentivizing that staff accordingly. Additionally, our daily involvement commits our personal attention to driving sales.


We believe that a culture of innovation is the only true sustainable competitive advantage a business can possess. Therefore, we revisit our strategy regularly, create innovation challenges among employees, and leverage the insight and networks of our experts to identify new best practices.

Board Composition

The input of seasoned board members has been the key to success in many of our previous investments. We leverage our networks, and those of our investors to attract industry leaders that can provide a unique perspective to the situation and often invite the original owners to join the group.

Employee Development

As stated in our core principles, we are strong believers in the continuous development and growth of our employees. We actively bring in outside educators to provide a different perspective on sales and operational effectiveness, and enact programs for employees to share best practices.

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