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The Following Ten Principles Guide Our Decision Making Process 


1. Create value through enhanced operational effectiveness and sustainable competitive advantage, no financial engineering.


2. Cultivate human talent, never letting a thesis outweigh the best-interest of your employees and stakeholders.


3. Speak plainly, and make your point heard loud and clear.


4. Be decisive. Own your decision and its consequences.


5. Be humble. Know what you don't know and solicit the advice of those more knowledgeable.


6. Take calculated risks, but never let the desire to analyze paralyze your ability to make decisions.


7. Be responsive, communicate, and react expeditiously.


8. Always innovate. Break the business model before your competitor does it for you.


9. Approach each opportunity as unique.


10. Work with passion in your heart. Engage yourself in your work and take ownership.

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